Download Chrissy's Mixtape "Give It Back".

Chrissy is an R&B singer/songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. She always knew she wanted to be a singer, and officially begun her journey in 2010 when she opened up her Official Facebook Fan Page ( In the past 2 years, Chrissy has performed at numerous events across Canada and her songs have been played on Canadian and American airwaves. Her big break was on January 9, 2012 when she landed a spot on worldstarhiphop; the website featured her singing a cover to Crew Love by Drake and The Weeknd, which now holds over a million views on YouTube. 


On November 6th, Chrissy released her first mixtape titled "Give It Back," which includes 8 all original R&B songs, written by her. It can be downloaded at 


To learn more about Chrissy, visit: 

  IG: @chrissyspratt