1. Question: When I purchase a beat, how long will it take for me to receive it?

Answer: Everything is instant. As soon as you purchase a beat, the beat
will automatically be sent to the email you provide.

2. Question: Why do I hear a small tag in the beginning of your beats saying "Beat Abuza on the track"?

Answer: Well, two reasons why I started doing this. The first reason was to protect my beats from other producers stealing and claiming it as their own. The second reason is to brand my name.

3. Question: If I purchase the exclusive rights to a beat, can you remove your tag?

Answer: Sure, not a problem at all. Since you own the rights now, it shall be done.

4. Questions: How do I go about obtaining the exclusive rights to your beats?

Answer: Send a message through the Contact Me Page of my site, and I'll gladly respond to you at my earliest convenience.

5. Question: Can I have a custom beat made just for me? Also, is the tracked out session provided?

Answer: Sure, I can have a custom beat made just for you. Just refer to the Custom Beat Page of my site, and fill out the form. The mp3, wave, & tracked out session will be provided to you instantly after purchase.

6. Question: What type of payments do you accept?

Answer: The only payments accepted on is Paypal, Debit, & Credit Card.

7. Question: Hey, I just purchased a beat, but now I want an extra verse and a bridge added. Can you do that for me?

Answer: Yes, I can definitely reformat the beat for you.