7 Steps To Finding a Music Publisher

This is a great blog that I found on Clint Productions' website by
Music Licensing Veteran Helen Austin.

I’ve had songs with several publishers, from large instrumental libraries to publishers promising me Coke ads. I now write exclusively for pigFactory and get songs regularly placed in ads and on TV and movies (click here for a list of my placements).

I get quite a few emails asking me either how to find a publisher or how to know if someone who has contacted them is legitimate, so I assembled this list…

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Download Chrissy's Mixtape "Give It Back".

Chrissy is an R&B singer/songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. She always knew she wanted to be a singer, and officially begun her journey in 2010 when she opened up her Official Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/onlychrissy). In the past 2 years, Chrissy has performed at numerous events across Canada and her songs have been played on Canadian and American airwaves. Her big break was on January 9, 2012 when she landed a spot on worldstarhiphop; the website featured her singing a cover to Crew Love by Drake…

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